Dragoon Illustration

Main Information
Class : Dragoon - The Doom Slayer
Tier : 2
Promoted from : Apprentice
Can be promoted to : -
Attack tech : Soul Thrust (costs 3 mana. 16 MAG attack, 50 range)
Skill : Block (10% chance block attack and halt attacker's next action)
HP Increment : 25
Mana Increment : 10
Base moving speed : Slow
Fame factor : 1.1

Description :

Illuminated in the way of knights, Dragoons strive to be dependable and stout protectors of the kingdom. Those who prove to be worthy of Dragoon Marine armor and the art of spears are promoted to this class, which is renowned as the most ferocious fighter in the realm of Valthiria. The Dragoons are educated in the sphere of noble politics and military. They make the bulk of officers within royal guards and Valthirian ground forces.