A Klin-Cii

Each of the 'Hunt' quests has different enemies. They vary in speed, strength, and melee/ranged attack. Knowing what you're getting into makes a huge difference in strategy and gameplay. Here is the beginning of enemy list and the quests you face them on. The enemy stats (both HP and Damage) seem to vary quite a bit from battle to battle and appear to be based on your own characters levels.


Divine Intervention Quest

-Name: Stray Seraphim

-Attack: Melee

-Speed: Very Fast (faster than most of your characters)

-HP: Somewhere around 3000 HP for 5-star level

-Damage: About 88-102*

Caravan Distress Quest

-Name: Gunslingers

-Attack: Ranged

-Speed: Normal

-HP: About 450 HP for 4-star level

-Damage: About 54-61*

Festival Help Quest

-Name: Klin-Cii

-Attack: Melee

-Speed: Normal

-HP: About 250 for 3-star level

-Damage: 4

Seducing Mistress Quest

-Name: Succubus


-Attack: Ranged

-Speed: Fast

-HP: Between 500-900 Hp for 4-star level

-Damage: About 70-90

Barbaric Encounter Quest

-Name: Orcs

-Attack: Melee

-Speed: Normal

-HP: About 650 Hp for 4-star level

-Damage: About 50-65

Wolf Woes Quest

-Name: Wolf

-Attack: Melee

-Speed: Normal

-HP: About 575 Hp for 3-star level

-Damage: 20-25

Faeria Hunt Quest

-Name: Faeria

-Attack: Ranged

-Speed: Normal

-HP: About 300 Hp for 2-star level

-Damage: 20-25

The ApprenticeEdit

-Name: The Apprentice

-Attack: Melee

-Speed: Ultra Fast (Faster than all of your characters)

-HP: About 36000 (may be few thousand less)

-Damage: 200-400