Fame Screen

Graduating a Sorceress with maximum Grade and Weapon, without Class on Demand

Principal can not last forever at his/her occupation in original mode. Every month the king will evaluate your progress, and demand new fame values to see if you can manage to fulfill his expectations which will grow bigger and bigger. You have 10 chances to fail the tests before you lose the game.

The objective of this game is to see how long you can survive in this demanding Principal role and how much Fame points you can rack until the inevitable end of your career. Fame can be gained in two ways: graduating students and winning tournaments.


When a tournament is won, 300 fame will be gained. As a rule of thumb, two grade 20-30 students with high Weapon Grade and fairly competent backup is essential to win any tournament. The tournament's form is a quick and intense 4v4 battle against high level students from another Academy.


Graduate your students to obtain fame for your academy. Fame earned per student depends on all the students stats. A formula has not been found for calculating fame yet, but it appears that importance of stats is in this order: Weapon, Grade, LP, HP, Mana, Phy, Dex, Mag. The "Class on demand" bonus increases it by 50% and each classes has its own multiplier (that of base classes being the highest, 1.3).