Magilancer Illustration

Main Information
Class : Magilancer - The Arcane Defender
Tier : 2
Promoted from : Mana Scholar
Can be promoted to : -
Attack tech : Thrust (PHY power 12, range 50)
Skill : Mana Shield (if sufficient, treat Mana as HP)
HP Increment : 19
Mana Increment : 14
Base moving speed : Slow-Medium
Fame factor : 1.1

Description :

Known as the wielder of magic lance, Magilancers specialize their knowledge and mastery of Mana into the Arcana of Forces and Matter which is utilized for direct melee combat. Magilancers can both attack in medium distance and conjure Mana Shield at the same time, making them useful both as defender and support role. Outside combat, they're known to be adept at barriers, investigation and espionage, making them suitable as sentinels, law enforcers, and intelligence agents.

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