Mana Scholar Illustration

Main Information
Class : Mana Scholar - The Pupil of Magic
Tier : 1
Promoted from : -
Can be promoted to : Magilancer, Mirage Caster, Sorceress
Attack tech : Kinetic Strike (costs 12 mana. MAG power 15, range 120)
Skill : none
HP Increment : 9
Mana Increment : 14
Base moving speed : Slow
Fame factor : 1.3

Description :

The beginning class of any female students. They are expected to be dutiful, wise and prepared to be administrators, healers, and mages to attend the kingdom's functions. Mana Scholars are taught to control Mana, seek power and deeper knowledge of Arcanas to enrich their talents. They are rather low in HP, but trained for long range combat using basic Mana attack known as Kinetic Strike.