Mirage Caster Illustration

Main Information
Class : Mirage Caster - The Essential Healer
Tier : 2
Promoted from : Mana Scholar
Can be promoted to : -
Attack tech : Kinetic Strike (costs 12 mana. MAG power 15, range 120)
Skill : Heal (slowly heals all damaged team members, regardless of mana and distance from caster. Character grade increases healing.)
HP Increment : 16
Mana Increment : 20
Base moving speed : Medium-Fast
Fame factor : 1.2

Description :

The priestesses of Valthiria, known as Mirage Casters, are the keeper of the realm's lore, history and religion. They utilize the mastery of Mana into the realm of Mirage and Life, giving them the ability both to heal or harm another's life force at long range.