Sorceress Illustration

Main Information
Class : Sorceress - The Runic Devastator
Tier : 2
Promoted from : Mana Scholar
Can be promoted to : -
Attack tech : Ignite (costs 25 mana. MAG power 40, range 105)
Skill : Bind (halts attacked unit's next action)
HP Increment : 13
Mana Increment : 23
Base moving speed : Slow
Fame factor : 1

Description :

The Sorceresses are known to form the most terrifying forces of Valthiria, and they're called Runic Devastator not without reasons. Brilliant and focused, they delve deep into any Arcana realm of their choice. However a Valthirian Sorceress must be adept at Elementals, Space, and Time; that they can ignite their enemies' life force into flame, and manipulate the law of motion to intercept their enemies' spatial movement. Sorceresses are given freedom to live and research in Valthiria, so long as they report their findings annually for the benefit of the kingdom. Any mages turning rogue by disobeying this law will be hunted without mercy.