Students Screen

Overview of the Academy's Students

The essential element of the academy is the students. The maximum grade any student could have in the confined nature of Academy is Grade 30, and they can't get grow further unless they graduate and experience career in outside world. An Academy can assign weapon examinations to its student up to Weapon Grade 10.


Any Academy needs to graduate high-quality students and fulfill the kingdom's growing demand for heroes. In order to assign students to your Academy, you must have an empty slot, then you may select any student from the limited monthly waiting list. You need to pay the one-time fee for accommodation, administration, and education purposes.

You assign quests to test the students' capability in traditional Valthirian 4-person party and provide them with Weapon Examinations. These are necessary in order to make sure your Academy will have the best quality students possible. You need to graduate them, gain Fame, and prove to the king that you are still capable at fulfilling your role as Principal.

Student StatsEdit

  • Grade : The student's current grade. Higher means better expertise.
  • Class : The student's current class.
  • LP : Number of Learning Points left.
  • Weapon : The student's tested weapon grade, equipment value and expertise.
  • HP : The student's amount of health points.
  • Mana : The student's amount of magic points.
  • Phy : The student's physical ability.
    Student Buying Screen

    Picking a Student

  • Dex : The student's dexterity and skills.
  • Mag : The student's magical talent.
  • Attack : The attack damage potential your student induce.
  • Skill : The student's class skill.