The Apprentice Battle begining. He can be seen just to the right of the warning box.

The Apprentice comes up randomly in quests. Meeting it is one thing required in the rune list.

The ApprenticeEdit

There is no warning as to when the Apprentice will appear, but it is probably the strongest character in the game. It appears only in Hunt quests (from experience), and the quest begins as normal. However, when the quest objective box opens, rather than the usual objective statement it will read: "WARNING: "The Apprentice" encountered! Extreme situation alert!" There will be only one enemy on the screen, the Apprentice. Defeat him to finish the quest, and to unlock the "Abuse the Apprentice" achievement.

A sighting of the Apprentice doesn't appear to be linked to any particular quest. It also doesn't appear to depend on the levels of the students in your party.


The Apprentice is very similar to a boss. It is extremely powerful, having over 36000 HP.


  • 8670 LP
  • 1040 bonus LP

The Apprentice gives a lot of LP. If a character takes him on alone, he or she can gain 25 levels or above.

Extremely strong but under few circumstances it is quite easy to defeat. As long as you have ranged character (But it will take time if they are weak)

Apprentice AI is rather simple, it will just move straight towards you and if there is an object that lies between you and apprentice, he won't be able to reach you. And if your characters have enough ranged to reach him he will just stand there getting hit until he dies and you win. The object that is wide enough to trap him is water if your students can move fast enough to go behind the water when he chases you (Principle Power may be needed) than it's your win.