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The tourney invitation.

Tourney quests are tournaments organized by the King every two months on the second week. The tournament's form is a quick and intense 4v4 battle against 4 random high level students from another Academy controlled by computer AI.

When your students win a tournament, you gain 300 fame. As a rule of thumb, two grade 20-30 students with high Weapon Grade and fairly competent backup is essential to win any tournament.

Win bonuses Edit

LP Bonus Student stats
2400 LP +288 bonus 30, 30, 30, 30


Tourney quests are probably the most difficult quests to win, as the enemies are quite strong and there are no obstacles that you can use to exploit the weak AIs of melee enemies. However, tourneys are quite beatable if you follow these rules of thumb:

  • Always have either one melee character to soak up enemy damage, or one Mirage Caster to heal your team.
  • Focus fire on enemy ranged units one at a time, as they have the least health. This can most easily be done by using hotkeys by turning off computer Assisstance and using hotkeys to rapidly select each of your units.
  • Sorceresses have the highest DPS of all of the classes. Any tourney team should include at least one, though it is not neccessary to have one in order to win.

Any team will work in a tourney, as long as the characters are a fairly high level. However, the teams which can best do this are:

  • 3 Sorceresses and 1 Mirage Caster. This is also the best team in Hunt Quests.
  • 3 Sorceresses and 1 Duelist . This team has a higher DPS than the previous, but a little less survivability.
  • 3 Sorceresses and 1 Magilancer . Due to Magilancer's abilityy to absorb damage with Mana, this character can soak up more attacks than any other character, and offers a about the same DPS as Mirage caster.