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Weapon Grade

Overview Edit

The mastery of weapons is very valued amongst the citizens of Valthiria. This form of admiration comes in the shape of a system called Weapon Grade. Those who proves themselves capable of wielding higher grade weapons and techniques, tested in the costly Weaponry Examination, are given a new grade weapon and formal license corresponding to the new grade. An Academy student can apply for subsidized Weaponry Exam, but the Principal always has the final saying whether he/she is permitted to do so.

The Weapon Grade is proof of a person's worthiness, so the higher license one holds, the more renown he/she is going to get in the kingdom. This doesn't stop people from wielding their own personal or custom weapons in reality, however, since the license and weapon given can be considered as symbolic trophies.

Formal Weapon Grade licensing, new weapon endowment, registration, and Exams are handled by the Weapons Guild of Valthiria, known as The Swordians.

Weapon grades Edit

There are 10 levels of weapons. To increase the level of a student's weapon, you must have a certain amount of money. You must also be lucky, as there's a small chance that the upgrade will not succeed. The success rate of upgrading a weapon increases by 1% for each level that the student gains.

Weapon upgrades increase your damage by around 10% per level.

# Level name Cost to upgrade Success chance (Lv1)
1 Beginner's - -
2 Fledgling 55 G 94%
3 Soldier 70 G 87%
4 Iron 85 G 80%
5 Bronze 100 G 73%
6 Silver 115 G 66%
7 Gold 130 G 59%
8 Mythril 145 G 52%
9 Legendary 160 G 45%
10 Exca 175 G 38%